About us

We use ingredients from Mother Earth with purpose and integrity: always plant based, pure and undiluted, made without synthetic or artificial ingredients.

We source our ingredients with a deep respect for the natural world and its farmers. We mindfully support companies that mirror our values: organic, sustainable agriculture and soil enrichment; responsible wild crafting, foraging and harvesting; fair labor, trade and pricing conditions; and extensive contributions to non profit and community environmental and holistic wellness organizations.

We believe that transparency is integral when it comes to what we put on and into our bodies. From organic flowers and herbs, to therapeutic grade essential oils, our ingredients are always derived from nature, pure and undiluted. We sun infuse our nut, fruit and seed oils with organic herbs and flowers to incorporate their profound healing properties into each of our handmade skin care products. Our herbal tinctures (extracts) are crafted with non GMO bourbon to ensure maximum extraction and health benefits. We source only non irradiated herbs and spices for all of our products, including our loose leaf tea blends.

The purity and wisdom of our powerful plant allies offer safe, genuine and lasting nourishment as only Mother Earth can offer.

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The Heart Behind the Brand : Meet Owner & Founder, Marisa Bello

I grew up exploring the tropical outdoors of my sunny hometown Miami. Endless beach days, camping trips, and Everglades expeditions inspired in me a deep love and awareness of plant and animal life. My growing affinity for nature helped to shape important influences in my life, including a conscious commitment to support organic and sustainable practices in food and product production. A lover of herbalism, yoga, wanderlust, self care rituals, and above all, LOVE, I deeply believe in the importance of getting outdoors and connecting to the mystery and beauty of our natural world, for in it we find ourselves and compassion for all living beings. I believe we are all meant to thrive in a safe, non toxic environment, in connection to our highest selves and the entire universe.